Robin entered the real estate industry in 1985 when the condominium market in Toronto was in its infancy.  Working with a specialty brokerage, her focus was on marketing new-sale condominium projects across the greater Toronto area. As condominium projects were built and registered her business expanded to include resale condominiums.

Robin obtained her Broker’s licence in 1990, and in 1993 she joined Johnston & Daniel.

In 1995 she was invited to become an instructor for the Ontario Real Estate Association and helped to design a professional-development condominium course that she taught throughout the province, all the while expanding her practice at Johnston & Daniel. Representing the purchase, sale and leasing of all types of residential properties forms the bulk of her business at this point, but she has sold land and rural properties as well.

In 2017 Robin was accepted as a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI), a national, peer-reviewed category of senior-level real estate brokers.

Her years in the business have given her an intuitive sense of what buyers and sellers will respond to.  She provides hands-on guidance throughout every part of the process: from the initial interview to the successful result. The acquisition and disposition of real estate today is complex. Robin makes it simple.

Robin has broad life and travel experience. Before earning a psychology degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, she lived and studied in Paris. Then Italy caught her attention. She studies Italian here in Toronto and tries to pick a different region of Italy to explore for an extended holiday every few years.

Robin has a farm in the Northhumberland Hills northeast of Toronto that serves as a family retreat; it is a great place to unwind from her busy real estate practice and lets her maintain her relationship with nature. She has planted acres of trees and is currently establishing a meadow of native prairie grass to foster some of the lost tallgrass savanna ecosystems of the region.